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Demolition Derby Rules

Class is open to all men and women 16 and over.  16 and 17 years olds must have a notarized permit signed by parent/guardian.  Driver must have a driver’s license.  In fairness to all, the following rules and regulations shall prevail.



Prize money is different at each show.  Look at our schedule to find out prize money.



Each car/driver shall pay $50.00 unless otherwise posted.  Everyone entering the pits must purchase a pit pass at gate.



  1. No hitting in driver door.  This will be at track official discretion and may result in immediate disqualification.  Be safe, and have fun.

  2. Drivers to remain in car until checkered flag waved with helmet and safety belts on at all time.

  3. Once a car has been removed from competition try to avoid further contact.

  4. If a vehicle becomes inoperable for a period of 3 minuets it will be disqualified from competition.

  5. Helmet and seat belts ARE REQUIRED

  6. Track officials have the right to disqualify any vehicle or driver at their discretion for any unsafe or illegal activity.

  7. All decisions made by Southern Oklahoma Speedway are final.



  1. Driver’s door may be plated with flat metal only.  All other doors are to be secured by any means except bungee cords – ie Cables, chains, welds and ratchet straps (under 6” in width are acceptable)

  2. Backs of front seat may be reinforced (side to side) with up to 2” of metal.

  3. All glass must be removed.

  4. All loose trim, grill and bumper covers must be covered.

  5. Minimum of 10”x10” holes in the trunk and hood for inspection and safety.

  6. Rear ends may we welded

  7. No AGGRESSIVE TIRES (Forklift, Tractor Tires etc.) No Foam Filled Tires.

  8. No reinforcement of the frame or body panels.  Must be stock

  9. Batteries must be securely fastened.

  10. Approved fuel cells or boat fuel tank can be mounted securely inside of car.  Subject to tech and safety inspection.

  11. Any car deemed unsafe will not be allowed to compete

  12. No filler in frame or body

  13. Cars to remain on trailer until inspected.  May be asked for 2nd inspection once unloaded

  14. Cars will be inspected for safety and compliance before and after the derby

  15. Fire extinguishers must be safely mounted with drivers reach.

  16. Trunk and hood to be secured – NOT WELDED

  17. Car must remain at stock height

  18. No reinforcement in front of core.





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