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General Rules

1.  Track officials shall have responsibility for rules and regulation enforcement at all Southern Oklahoma Speedway's events. At discretion of the track official(s) in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rule   violations, hazardous equipment or hazardous actions. All disputes developing as a result of local track rules must be settled at the track.

2.  No driver shall exit their vehicle while on the racing surface or within the infield area (Exception:  Emergency such as fire, etc.), without the approval of a Southern Oklahoma Speedway Official.  No driver, crew member, or spectator will be allowed on the racing surface during   any time of competition, including periods of hazard or caution (red and/or yellow flag).

3.  Consumption of alcoholic beverage by driver or his/her crew in advance of, or while competing in any Southern Oklahoma Speedway event is strictly forbidden. Any driver showing evidence of alcohol consumption will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be subject to forfeiture of all current-week purse winnings and two week suspension. Use of illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate, indefinite suspension from Southern Oklahoma Speedway. 

4.  Points are accumulated by driver, not race car. However, Drivers must use the same race car for the complete night’s program in that class.

5.  Car numbers are registered to the driver at track registration!  Driver must retain that car number for the complete season!  Any driver driving with a number other than what he or she registered with will be disqualified for the night with a loss of points and winnings for that night only.  Each vehicle may only participate in 1 racing class each night.

6.  No driver, crew member, spectator, or official shall participate in any fight on the premises, or take part or participate in any action or activity considered detrimental to Southern Oklahoma Speedway or minimum 2 week suspension will be issued to both crew and driver.  Hazardous and/or intentionally dangerous driving is grounds for immediate disqualification and suspension.

7. No driver, crew member or spectator shall subject officials to abuse or improper language.  All final decisions pertaining to drivers, crew members, spectators and racetrack personnel are the responsibility of Southern Oklahoma Speedway Officials.  All decisions pertaining to the removal of drivers, crew members, spectators and guests must be made by a committee of Southern Oklahoma Speedway Officials.

8.  Driver is sole spokesman for car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race. The driver only shall take part in any arbitration with the officials.  Driver is   responsible for the conduct and actions of their crew members.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by drivers, owners and/or pit crews shall be grounds for nightly disqualification and tentative suspensions.  Physical abuse will not be tolerated.  Any driver or pit crew who submits physical abuse on another individual will be subject to disqualification for a minimum remainder of the racing season and can be extended at the track director’s discretion.  ALL INDIVIDUALS WHO SUBMIT PHYSICAL ABUSE ON ANOTHER WILL BE PROSECTED BY SOUTHERN OKLAHOMA SPEEDWAY!

9. Southern Oklahoma Speedway will not tolerate any Social Media posting that would cause bashing against SOS or any other racetrack by crew/affiliation that would be detrimental to racing.  This could result in a suspension and or banned from Southern Oklahoma Speedway.

10.  Southern Oklahoma Speedway reserves the right to inspect any race car at any time. They further reserve the right to disqualify any driver and race car from competition and confiscate any and all illegal parts. It is the responsibility of the driver and crew to disassemble race car for inspection when requested to do so. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points and may be subject to suspension.

11.  Any car, under protest or claim, taken from premises without first clearing with official in charge will subject car and driver to disqualification and forfeiture of prize money and points.

12.  All drivers or riders shall wear a competition-specific fire retardant racing suit.  All drivers shall wear a helmet in good condition that meets the standards of those set forth for Snell approved SA2000 or newer helmets. Drivers whose helmets do not meet these requirements   shall not be allowed to race.  All drivers shall wear certified racing or quality leather-type gloves and shoes.  Neck support braces or devices are required.

13.  Five-point racing harnesses are required for all classes and must be in full use during any time of competition.  Harnesses must not be more than 3 years old and show no signs of fraying or damage.

14.  Any vehicle considered to be unsafe by Southern Oklahoma Speedway Officials will not be allowed to compete under any circumstances without repair or   modification.  It is the responsibility of the driver to seek technical inspection following any equipment-based disqualification.

15.  RAIN OUT POLICY: After heat races are complete it will be considered a show.  Any driver that has not ran a main will be eligible for next regular race with their pit pass.  If the races are rained out during a main any laps completed will be official results.

16.  DRIVER VACATION NIGHT!!!!!!!!:  Each driver registered in the Hobby/Factory Stock and Eco Mod Class will be able to claim a “driver vacation night”. 
Any driver must request their vacation night at least two weeks in advance in writing and submit it to the track director.  On their vacation night drivers will be issued the average of their last 10 points competition nights for their night off.  If they have not yet had 10 competition nights the issue of points will be held until 10 nights have been met at which time the average will be calculated.

17.  Drivers must participate with at least 70% of the racing programs in order to receive points purse or prizes at the end of the season.

18. Line-up Procedures

First Night or Special Events:

Will be lined up by IMCA line up procedures for opening night

Weekly Points Nights:

Heats and Features will be lined up by IMCA line up procedures.

19.  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!
Rules may be amended as so needed.





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